The pandemic gave most of us a time to go nowhere fast. I got time to move into the slow lane after months of rushed checking in and out of airports and chasing my tail to get to various private and public events in my backing vocal role for Boney-M.

I picked up on some work that I had done on my “Hear From Heaven” EP.  This EP frames the spirit of ideas and beliefs that have guided me since childhood. Call it a Zietgeist! Work to bring the EP out is picking up speed. God willing this will feature before Christmas. Watch this space!

I spent hours going through old tapes and notes of some old pieces I had written (including some fusion soul pieces I wrote with the band “As Is”). Much of that just never got to see the light. There are a few gems right there; including a couple ballads with me on keyboards ! These will emerge in season.  

And out of the archives I lifted out my first album “Already Missing You” that I did as JJ Terell (pictured below). That album is out there somewhere… please help me track down whoever is selling it!

The best part for me is when I get time to support others; its the best way to give back. I had the opportunity to do some classic gospel tracks in support of an International Ladies Conference hosted my some sisters in Zimbabwe and South Africa. There is a lot of good work coming out of Africa. Hope to share snippets of this with you all soon. 

So much work to package and bring to light. So much room to collaborate and explore broader horizons. Really looking forward to a new beginning and working with like minded spirits on creative expressions that cut across genres!

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket

(Matt: 5v15)