Behind the Lyrics

The song speaks to the courage and sacrifices of those who came before us and is a reminder of the fact that we stand on the shoulders of the brave.

Much of what our fore-fathers and mothers went through is untold – this is true of those of the Windrush generation and those before them who crossed the Atlantic in chains… Those who worked the sugar plantations and the cotton fields and
the many who fell in wars on battle-fields in far away lands!

All these sacrifices they made for our future. Even before we were born!

They counted on God for a future, not their own! So be encouraged to stand for what is right. Fight for what is good. Not just for you, but for the weak. Fight for those who have no voice and for those yet to come.

Trust God. Just as our fore-parents did.

We dedicate this song to our brothers and sisters from Africa who fell during the trans-Atlantic crossings

Count On God Lyrics

Verse 1

Looking back at how far we have come 

It’s been a ro-ough, long road

Young men and women cross torrent rivers 

Brothers and sisters braved raging storms

The fragile and old

Climbed over mountains

We walk through deep valleys

Our survival…

A story untold (a story unto-old- oh- wo-oh)

A story untold

How we got over… 

Yeah we walk through the deep valley ( ooh-i ooh-i soo-i) 

Chorus 1

(Hold on be strong) Just count on God

(Be still and know) That you can count on God

(He hears your cry) When you need some one 

(Hold on be strong) 

(You can count on God)

Verse 2

The power of our God is a wonder

(How amazing he- i-is, He is) 

With God in our hearts we’ll weather the storm

We bear witness to ( Jehovah Jirah)

Let not your heart faint and fail with his mercy and kindness

Our victory (forever assured) 

It’s forever assured, yes it i-is   

(Forever assured-or-or –ord)

You don’t have to worry 

cause everything’s (Oh-i-oh-i-so-i) 

gonna be so right

Chorus 2

(Hold on be strong) Cause you can count on God

(Be still and know) That you can count on God

(He hears your cry) He’ll never leave you oh no-oh 

(Hold on be strong) And don’t let go no- oo

You can count on God

Verse 3 

Plans for our future are in God’s hands 

(And always has been since time

It’s all in God’s hand) 

Plans he made for us before we were born

plans to prosper you and not to harm you 

plans to give you a hope and a future 

by the grace of God I am, I am what I am, what I am 

it’s through God’s grace that,  I’m what I am

And all glory belongs to him and him alo-one 

oh-i-oh-I- so-i  

Chorus 3 

Ah keep holding on 

(Hold on be strong) Cause we can count on God

(Be still and know) That we can count on God)

(He hears your cry) so hold on and be strong

(Hold on be strong)  oo- oo– yeah

(You can count on God) 

Middle 8 

Let us show ourselves courageous for the people and the cities of God (Cities of God)

And may the Lord do what is good in his sight, our help comes from God above

Our help come from God above

The same God who made heaven and Earth

Chorus 4

 (Hold on be strong) you can count on God

(Be still and know) You can count on God

(He hears your cry)Yes he will I know he’ll hear you-oo 

(Hold on be strong)  – When you call cause I know my God is 

God is God is in the highest – mm -Mm mm

God is he’s God – And he’ll never let you down

You can count on God 

God is God is in the highest – I know he’ll make a way

God is he’s God – He’ll hold you in the palm of his hands.

You can count on God

God is God is in the highest – you can count on God 

God is he’s God – hold on

In the highest

God is God is in the highest

God is he’s God In the highest