Jacinth Returns to the Transformation Powerhouse


On the 28th January 2023 I returned to the Transformation Powerhouse to support their incredible mission, transforming the lives of women and girls who have been victims of sexual abuse. This was one of many music events that they hold in their Powerhouse Lounge

What is the Transformation Powerhouse?

Transformation Powerhouse is a “Theraputic Centre” for women of all ages who are victims or survivors of sexual abuse, set up to empower the women who come to us to see and reach their full potential. We are creating a residential and extended community that will provide a caring, supportive, accepting family environment.

As always it was wonderful to support such an important cause. Having witnessed the journey my dear friend Gee Abiah Patchett has been on to bring this vision to life.  To learn more about Gee’s Story and find out how you can support the initiative click HERE.

Campaign Against Sexual Abuse

They are currently running a very important campaign to end child sexual abuse. It’s called ‘A Child is Crying’. They have put together a petition to bring this issue to the attention of our government to put an end to this suffering. It would mean a lot for you to sign this and supporting the cause in whichever way you can! 

SIGN IT NOW: https://achildiscrying.org.uk/petition/