about Jacinth

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Jacinth Mhende is a classically trained soprano singer / song-writer and vocal coach from a strong Christian pedigree. Jacinth was born in England to Jamaican parents who are highly respected for their work in the church and community. Jacinth’s mother has been a singing powerhouse in the church since before Jacinth was born and her father – honoured by the Queen for his service to the African-Caribbean community – is well known for his social club catering for the elderly in London and for his personal housing of the displaced. No surprise at all that Jacinth is such a people person!



Jacinth recalls how she picked up the fundamentals of singing and vocal control at an early age:

“I learned to sing harmonies as a child by listening to my Mum practising for church with her sister. My sisters and I became involved in the church and music at an early age.”

The family singing tradition continued through Jacinth’s upbringing in Germany where she lived with her eldest sister Liz Mitchell – the award-winning lead singer of Boney M, who won acclaim performing numerous chart-topping hits on both radio charts and television. As early as 14, Jacinth was singing as a backing vocalist for her sisters group, taking to some of the biggest stages at a very tender age as she toured around the world backing her sister. By the age of 17, Jacinth had toured through more than 10 different countries!

Jacinth reminisces:

“The tours exposed me to a wide variety of genres of music including gospel, blues, soul, jazz and reggae which have all played important roles in influencing my unique sound today. Direct involvement in my sister’s work gave me the opportunity to start singing professionally as a backing vocalist and really helped to finesse my voice. I am eternally grateful for the forming and shaping the experience gave me.”

After periods of touring with Boney M, Jacinth went on to co-found the band “As Is”, where she collaborated on writing and singing, dwelling on fusion soul pieces. In 2000, Jacinth recorded her first solo secular album, “Already Missing You” published under the stage name,  JJ Tyrell.

Years later Jacinth was at the ARU College, Cambridge, England where she majored in voice and founded the “Gospel Voices” choir and graduated with a BA Honours in Music. The “Gospel Voices” became recognised as an ensemble on the university’s music degree programme. A first for the university by a black songwriter.

Jacinth’s voice resonates across global borders, a voice simply true-to-self…