a Celebration of life

Mar 19, 2022 | MEMORIES, WHAT'S NEW

Woke up this morning feeling I want to celebrate life. To recognise the favour we have been given to appreciate every living moment we have on earth. Then, my Dad called me as I was in this conversation with myself. He said that our bodies are nothing without the breath. What breath? Breath that God put into us. So therefore, we are subject to when, God takes that last breath away… and the heart stops pumping.

‘Wow! Profound…’ I thought. It took me on another path, listening to my father of 101 years’ ‘take on life’ explanation in the simplest form…

We are here for a time only… in fact everyone is, no one of us can exist for longer than has been designated for us.

How profound. So save us worrying about our fears and demise. It will only happen when and not before our end of life is written…

So Live. Love. Live.ย